Project results

This section of the website will be used to upload all the project materials and intellectual outputs that will be developed during the project. Users of the site will be able to download everything related with "Projecting YOUth" and implement it on their communities in order to promote the inclusion and employability of youth by using theatre as a learning tool.

Meeting 1 in Italy materials

Project visibility materials

Project press notes

Projecting YOUth video

Projecting YOUth - Final booklet

Main result of the project containing all its intellectual outputs, work done, exercises implemented and results. The booklet includes:
  • Main summary of the project.
  • Project partnership members.
  • Introduction to the project content and the approach of Howard Gardner.
  • Description of the ten didactic units included on the booklet and used for the education of youth to develope their own youth initiatives on the artistic and social field (How to develop an artistic and youth project; Kinesthetic intelligence; Linguistic intelligence; Interpersonal intelligence; Logical-Mathematical intelligence; Funding and tools for project management; Visual-Spatial intelligence; Intrapersonal intelligence; Naturalistic intelligence; Musical Intelligence).
  • Practical exercises based on non formal methodologies to acquire the competences promoted within each intelligence.
  • Project templates and useful materials.


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