"Projecting YOUth" is a transnational initiative which activities takes place simultaneously on the three partner countries involved on it (Spain, Italy and Sweden). Here you will find extra information about the three organisations responsible of the project. Feel free to visit their websites and contact them in case you could need more information about this strategic partnership. You can also contact the coordination team of the project by sending an email to:

Asociación Juvenil Teatral ON&OFF
Project coordinator
Logroño, La Rioja (Spain)
In the year 2000 the youth association ON&OFF was created in Logroño as a non-profit organisation to join together all the ex-students and current students of a local theater school: Teatro Dinámica. The main aim of ON&OFF is to promote cultural and artistic initiatives, with a lack of political, religious or favourable intentions, and always trying to create an intercultural framework for the participation, understanding and inclusion of all its members, the society of Logroño and the youth in general. According to this the main aims of the organisation are: To join together those young people interested on the theater and drama using learning groups, experimentation and staging; To organize cultural and leisure time activities for youth; To take part on participative events such as meetings, exchanges, contests, etc. at local, national or international level; To cooperate with local entities and administrations on the implementation of theater spectacles at local, national or international level; To carry out training courses, workshops and activities for educating children, youth and adults (intergenerational projects); other ones related to the promotion of the participation of children and youth on the theatre and training field. Furthermore, the non-formal and drama methodologies used regularly by the entity, make all its acitivities accesible and suitable for any kind of users, promoting the participation of young people with fewer opportunities and especially of those with mobility, expression and/or communication difficulties.

Calypso - il teatro per il sociale
Pavia (Italy)
Calypso is an NGO based in Pavia, a small city in Lombardia region, born in 2006 and composed of about 10 members. Members of our staff have different backgrounds and in these years we’ve been growing specific skills in children and youth working, in site specific projects, in participatory art and training experiences for youth workers, trainers and ngo volunteers. We have been working with different groups of people, using artistic tools, creativity and especially theatrical techniques to involve people and empower groups and community. Our focus has often been the process of involving people and helping them to express their creativity, even if lately we have start growing our own artistic point of view with performances, storytelling and use of puppetry tecniques. In our work we mix different techniques, always boosting group and individual creativity. For us theatrical tecniques are a tool to develop personal skills, to grow self esteem, to feel entitled to act and to transform reality. Usually we plan workshops after some talks with involved group leaders or local organizations who ask us to develop some specific topic, and we agree on an ideal aim who could fit for the group, but still be challenging for them. Usually we like our theatre projects to be part of a bigger frame, so that the final event, when it can be public, is a good chance to make people meet, different target group participate in the same event, sharing experiences and points of view. For us it’s always important to have feedback from participants, and we keep a follow up process along the years by organizing informal meetings and creating situation in which our partners and our members can be active in the local network.

IFALL - Integration För Alla
IFALL is situated  in south of Sweden. There are 25 volunteers who are working for social inclusion for 2000 immigrant and refugees in  small village. IFALL – Integration För Alla is a relatively new organization however volunteers who are in IFALL brought vital information into it. Örkelljunga is small town and all organizations such as Church of Sweden, Save the Children, Red Cross, municipality are working together. We have been working with these organizations in order to enlarge our network and experiences. In life long learning program we realized adult education projects and youth exchanges. At the same time we organized and hosted several Nordic and Scandinavian projects which called Nordplus. Besides these projects, we get local help from municipality to do our weekly activities such homework support, language cafe, sport activities with our target groups.  IFALL is volunteer based organization. The main objective of the organization is to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures in Sweden and in another countries. In this way we would like state that we are not only working with integration of refugees but also we are working with integration of cultures in different level.

With the support and cooperation of

With the support and cooperation of